This is a short TODO list with things that should be fixed in smsj. Please let me know if you would like to help out with anything on this list, or if you have something that should be added to this list.

Update the 7bit charset encoder/decoder

The current 7bit charset encoder/decoder is incomplete. There are some characters that must be encoded as two 7bit characters.

Remove GsmOperators class

Is this class really neccessary? It is not a complete listing anyway...

Create a demo app

There should be a simple demo app. Either a command line tool or a swing application.

Complete the EMS support

The current EMS implementation is only a stub implementation. I created a bunch of classes but never completed the implementation.

Update the UCP transport

The current UCP transport is currently in a bad shape. It should work to submit simple text messages, but I'm unsure if UDH, 8bit and UCS2 messages works. I would really like to have some help here since I don't have access to an UCP server right now.

Complete the MMS part

The MMS part is perhaps 75% done. The API is a bit rough as well.

Add query, cancel and replace to the sms transport API

Should be quite simple to add.

Add an asynchronous transport API

This would really be a boost for smsj. This would make it possible to use smsj in implementations that need to send alot of SMS but at the same time keep track of all messages.

Add support for incoming SMS

This feature is perhaps the most requested feature.

Add OMA DRM encoder.

Add a new MimeMultipart type that can wrap OMA drm files.

Add tutorial and documentation.

The documentation that is available today is a bit thin.