Package org.marre.sms

Interface Summary
SmsMessage Baseclass for the SMS messages

Class Summary
GsmOperators Contains MCC and MNC definitions for various GSM operators.
SmsAddress Represents an phonenumber in SMSj.
SmsConcatMessage Baseclass for messages that needs to be concatenated.
SmsConstants Contains various SMS related constants.
SmsDcs Represents a SMS DCS (Data Coding Scheme).
SmsMsgWaitingMessage Represents a "Message Waiting" sms.
SmsPdu Represents an SMS pdu A SMS pdu consists of a user data header (UDH) and the actual content often called user data (UD).
SmsPduUtil Various functions to encode and decode strings
SmsPortAddressedMessage Base class for all port adressed messages.
SmsPortAddressedTextMessage A port addressed message that delegates the text part to SmsTextMessage.
SmsTextMessage Represents a text message.
SmsUdhElement Represents an User Data Header Element
SmsUdhUtil Toolkit class for SmsUdhElement objects.

Exception Summary
SmsException Exception representing an error in the SMS library.

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